Heavenly Body Mitt

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For those who love a daily, gentle body exfoliation, the heavenly Body Mitt is a perfect addition to your bath or shower. Apply regular soap or body wash liquid for an all over body cleansing. Hemp is naturally anti-microbial and will soften with use. Ethically handmade in Bangladesh from natural unbleached hemp.

• 100% natural hemp fibre
• Biodegradable and Environmentally-friendly
• Vegan
• 23cm x 13cm / 9.05" x 5.11"

Caring for your BODY mitt: 
To eliminate bacteria from the mitt, wash once a week in hot soapy water and leave in a well-ventilated area to dry.

If you’ve never experienced body brushing, you may be missing out on one of the simplest yet most effective forms of skin care. It takes just a couple of minutes a day to body brush before a bath or shower for immediate and lasting results.

  • Excellent for removing dry skin cells and prepares your skin for a nourishing dose of mud mask.
  • It increases circulation for a healthy glow all year round.
  • Enhances skin detoxification and stimulates your lymphatic system.
  • Helps your body metabolise toxins more efficiently, discouraging fluid retention and cellulite.
  • Softens and tones your skin.

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