Smoothing Foot Brush

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Besides making your feet feel better, this Smoothing Foot Brush will deliver a deep exfoliation to get rid of dry, cracked skin that is usually itchy and irritating. Regular use will result in healthier, smoother and more elastic skin. Ethically made in Sri Lanka from biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and 100% natural coconut fibres.

• Suitable for Wet/Dry brushing
• 100% natural coconut fibres in hard bristle
• Naturally anti-bacterial fibres won't become smelly and mouldy
• Long lasting bristles won't bend and flatten like nylon bristles
• Sustainable rubberwood handle
• Cotton cord
• Vegan
• 15cm x 5cm / 5.9" x 1.97"

Caring for your DRY brush:
To eliminate bacteria from the bristles, wash once a week in hot soapy water and leave in a well-ventilated area to dry, preferably the sun. Allow the brush bristles to dry completely before using as a dry brush again.  Avoid storing the brush in a damp area as the bristles will mildew.

Caring for your WET brush:
Rinse thoroughly after each use and hang to dry away from the water.  

If you’ve never experienced body brushing, you may be missing out on one of the simplest yet most effective forms of skin care. It takes just a couple of minutes a day to body brush before a bath or shower for immediate and lasting results.

  • Excellent for removing dry skin cells and prepares your skin for a nourishing dose of mud mask.
  • It increases circulation for a healthy glow all year round.
  • Enhances skin detoxification and stimulates your lymphatic system.
  • Helps your body metabolise toxins more efficiently, discouraging fluid retention and cellulite.
  • Softens and tones your skin.

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