Is Bodibar safe to use with my regular skincare products?

Bodibar is made from certified formulas and contains natural and naturally-derived ingredients, so it is safe to use with any other products.

Are the fragrances in Bodibar natural?

All the fragrances in our products are 100% naturally-derived fragrances and have been thoroughly researched and tested (not on animals obviously!) prior to use.

Can I use the mud on broken skin?

Bodibar is gentle to use from top to toe, even on broken skin. However, in the event that you are having a chemical peel, a fresh wound treatment of some kind or any severe medically treated skin, it is recommended that you consult your doctor first before using Bodibar or any other product.

Should I use Bodibar before or after shaving?

Bodibar is safe to use both before and after shaving and won’t cause any stinging.

Will my Bodibar expire?

Absolutely! But the good news is Bodibar has a shelf life of 2 years and up to 12 months once the sachet is opened.

Is Bodibar natural?

All our products contain natural and naturally-derived ingredients.

Is Bodibar cruelty-free?

Of course! We are 100% cruelty-free in everything we do. We only test on humans.

Is Bodibar vegan?

Yes. Our co-founder is vegan so we can’t imagine being any other way!

Is Bodibar gluten-free?

Yes. The other co-founder is gluten-intolerant so we can’t imagine being any other way!

Will Bodibar stain my skin?

No, but we do recommend you thoroughly wash your skin after application to ensure all traces of mud are removed.

Will Bodibar stain my towels?

We do recommend you thoroughly wash your body after using Bodibar, however, if you have missed a spot and stain your towels, simply use a stain remover in the wash.

Will Bodibar stain my shower/bathroom tiles?

We have thoroughly tested our blends in the whitest bathrooms and it completely washes away. Any spots left behind can be removed with a bathroom cleaner.

How should I store my Bodibar?

Bodibar can be stored anywhere in your bathroom, travel case, gym bag but as long as it away from extreme temperatures. In addition, you can store the sachets in the shower, away from direct running hot water, using the Bodibar custom designed shower caddy. It keeps the product standing upright and can be attached to any tiled wall.