About Us

Sydney based sisters, Lama and Jumana sought to create a range of luxurious skincare inspired by their travels to some of the world’s best spas. With that, Bodibar also came to fruition as an ode to their grandmother, whose natural skincare routine – created from ingredients grown in her garden – was treasured by her daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters alike.

Fresh from founding an award-winning spa in Saudi Arabia, a haven for the local women to indulge in pure mud treatments, Jumana returned home to Sydney to find nothing that came close to the traditional skincare rituals she had practiced.

Reminiscing with her sister about days spent in awe of their grandmother’s sublime skincare routine led to the launch of Bodibar – spa-quality skincare for a stressed-out body.

Bodibar is all about creating a blissful experience for the busy woman, akin to an at-home spa treatment, without causing any additional stress or mess. The entire range not only adheres to Lama's vegan lifestyle but is completely natural, cruelty-free and even gluten-free. Think of it as luxury skin food: nutritious, nourishing and essential for luminous, healthy, fit skin.