Either way, the perfect detox is perfectly packaged all-in-one. Get the how-to here.

What is the difference between the three mask blends?

We’ve selected ingredients that complement and work together to give you the maximum benefit based on your skin type. All our masks are formulated from the purest clays in Australia and scented with a heavenly fragrance, uniquely created for each mask.

Purity is made with Australian Pink Pastel clay and is suitable for all skin types especially those who are looking for anti-ageing skincare. It is packaged in gold and has a fragrance like the blissful breeze of paradise.

Luminosity has a base of Australian Green Olive clay and made suitable for normal to dull skin. It helps to brighten, strengthen and rebalance the skin. It is packaged in silver and when you experience this mask, it will give you a taste of summer on your skin.

Clarity was created for those who suffer from dry and/or sensitive skin. It starts with a base of Australian Ivory/White clay and infused with Pentavitin for intense hydration. It has rose gold packaging and a fragrance inspired by the essence of nature after rainfall.

How do I use Bodibar as a mud SCRUB?

It’s super easy to use! After you’ve had a hot, steamy shower, turn off the water, because you know we are all about saving our planet. Gently remove excess water from your skin before using 1 x 25ml sachet and apply it all over your body. Using suitable pressure and circular motion to exfoliate effectively, remembering to concentrate on areas that love attention…aka knees, elbows, booty. A few minutes should do well and you’ll be ready to rinse thoroughly and pat dry and we mean pat, your body dry. You don’t want to wipe away all the goodness or stretch your skin for that matter!

How do I use Bodibar as a mud MASK?

This is our favourite way of using Bodibar and we recommend using 2 sachets. Start from the bottom and work your way up, applying a layer of mud all over. While you wait a couple of minutes for it to absorb, start massaging the mud into your hands and then massage your entire body. Take as long as you need if you are loving the experience. Rinse off thoroughly and pat your skin dry.

Do I apply it to wet or dry skin?

You can apply it to both wet and dry skin, however, we recommend you use it at the end of your shower/bath when your body is at its warmest and your pores are most receptive to allow optimum skin penetration. If you choose to apply it to dry skin, it’s best to wet your hands to make easier to spread.

How much mud should I use?

We’ve done the maths and have made it simple to use.  One sachet (25ml) is sufficient for a body scrub and two sachets (50ml) work wonders for a full body mud mask.

How long should I leave the mud on my skin?

Each one of us has a busy schedule and this is why Bodibar was created. The idea is to give you a spa-quality treatment when you need the benefits but don’t have the time. All our scrub masks work from the moment you apply them on your skin. The longer you let them absorb, the better the result and of course the happier your skin will be.

However, for those times you want to pamper, turn your treatment into a 5-10 min mask. Bodibar is safe enough to stay on your skin longer, so you can get creative and have some fun mudding yourself up. Try multi-masking for instance with a hair mask and a face mask all at once!

How will my skin feel after using it?

Your skin should feel sublime with noticeable softness and radiance but it’s the scent on your skin that will have you booking your next trip to the Maldives!

How long until I see results?

You will see immediate results of hydration and smoothness, however, prolonged use will see the structure of your skin begin to change as it repairs damaged areas and regenerates new cells to provide longer hydration periods and healthy, glowing skin.

How many uses will I get out of a Body Scrub Mask retail pack?

A retail pack comes with eight sachets which will give you eight Express Scrub treatments or four Ultimate Spa experiences. You can mix it up to your own preference. You can also choose to trial the sampler pack and decide which blend is right for you.

How often should I use it?

You’re asking the wrong people, right?! We LOVE using it every second day, however, we tend to get carried away spending all our time in the bathroom! We do recommend a minimum of twice a week scrub and/or once a week as a mask.

Remember every person’s skin is different and it really depends on the skin’s condition. You will come to understand your skin’s demands shortly after using it.

Be warned, you may become addicted in which case we recommend a subscription to ensure you never run out! It’s safe to use every day if you are prepared for the most AH-mazing skin!!

When should I use the Body Scrub Mask?

Anytime and any season! Many of us think scrubs are only made for the summer. Wrong! Winter is a major cause of dehydration, a period when we completely rug up and reduce moisturising. With your weekly Bodibar scrub and mask, you’ll be able to keep your skin healthy and hydrated under all those clothes. No more winter cracked legs!